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Throughout the years, steroid and other performance-enhancing drugs have been a national concern increasing the need for steroid testing. For many years, it was thought that steroid abuse was only limited to bodybuilders and professional athletes.  However, according to reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) steroid abuse is widespread among all ages.

For some people including students and professional athletes, steroids, and other banned substances promise a shortcut to results. Federal law, however, labels steroids as Schedule III in the United States.

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Steroid Usage: Workplace

Steroid abuse does not just occur in the sports world.  It is becoming more and more common in the workplace.  Especially, in workplaces where physical strength and performance are required for daily tasks.  Jobs in security, law enforcement, and warehousing have seen an increase in steroid use among their employees.

Steroid Usage: Students and Athletes

Steroid usage is extensively viewed as unacceptable, by sports organizations and sports fans. Despite the negative public perception and severe league consequences in place, some athletes continue to use steroids and other unfair enhancements to gain strength or build muscle mass.

Coaches know, however, that doping is unfair to other athletes and dangerous to the user. Coaches, schools, universities, and professional leagues and organizations can help deter steroid use easily with steroid testing.

Steroid Testing Method

Mednovations steroid testing is as simple as a urine test. Steroid metabolites or high levels of testosterone can be detected in the urine sample if steroid usage has occurred within the past 8-14 days.  Depending on the type of steroid testing needed and the level of testing required the cost of steroid testing can vary.  For more information, on pricing contact our office today.

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