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Here at Mednovations LLC, we love what we do because we know that the drug screening and drug testing services we provide can help change lives across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Receiving reliable drug screening and drug testing results are crucial when your business or personal needs are on the line.  Mednovations LLC prides itself on providing reliable, accurate, confidential and efficient drug screening and drug testing results using only accredited labs.   The substances Mednovations can currently test for include cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamine, marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine, methadone, ecstasy, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines. Mednovations LLC is also equipped to test for steroid use and alcohol.  Mednovations LLC guarantees to provide you with the best customer service experience possible while making the drug screening and drug testing procedures as simple and hassle-free as possible!
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Mednovations Offers:

  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • DOT Drug Testing
  • Employment Drug Testing
  • Onsite Drug Testing
  • Instant Drug Screening and Drug Testing

Drug Screening  and Drug Testing Services For Your Workplace:

Did you know that employee drug and alcohol abuse costs U.S. employers over $100 billion a year in accidents, lost productivity, and other costs? If you are an employer, you can not afford not to perform drug screening or drug testing in your workplace!  With the increase of drug and alcohol work-related incidents, Mednovations LLC is changing the face of drug screening and drug testing by offering innovative solutions that aim to solve this issue without breaking the clients’ bank and in an efficient manner. With our drug screening and testing services available at affordable rates, we aim to help avoid on the job drug-related hazards by reducing the financial constraints on employers.   If an employee suffers from inconsistent work quality, poor concentration, carelessness or disregard for job site safety, has unexplained absents and shows signs of deterioration in personal appearance they may be using drugs.  To prevent further safety issues, a drug screening may be in order! 

Types of Drug Screening and Drug Testing Mednovation Can Provide:

  • Certified U.S. Department of Transportation drug testing (required for all commercial license holders including truck, bus, and heavy equipment drivers). Options can include pre-employment, random, post-accident, return to duty or reasonable suspicion drug screening or drug testing. Not every lab can perform a DOT drug test.  Before any drug screening is complete make sure your drug test is completed by a DOT-certified technician like those at Mednovations.
  • Non-DOT urine drug tests. These include five or ten-panel instant or lab-based drug tests.
  • Urine alcohol tests. EtG alcohol testing can detect alcohol in the system for up to approximately three to four days – well after the blood alcohol level has returned to normal.
  • Hair drug test. A hair follicle drug screening or drug test can detect drugs in the system for up to 90 days. Our technicians can use hair from your head or elsewhere on your body and are trained to collect the smallest usable amount.
  • Saliva drug tests. When using a saliva sample for drug screening, drugs can be detected in the system for 24-48 hours after drug use.
  • Evidential breathalyzer tests for alcohol. Mednovations uses only DOT-approved evidential breathalyzers for alcohol testing. And there is more good news–all of our confirmation breath tests are complimentary. That is right – FREE. Why? Because we are committed to providing excellent service.

Do you have questions about what type of drug screening or drug test is right for your business or employees? Our staff at Mednovations LLC will gladly assist with a free consultation to determine the right service or screening tools for you and your company.  Here at Mednovations, we can even help you in developing and implementing a drug-free workplace policy.  Should any of your employees or clients have substance use or substance abuse problems, our staff at Mednovations can provide confidential referrals to trusted professionals that can help them on their road to recovery. Mednovations LLC is not just your drug testing vendor – we are a trusted partner in ensuring a drug-free workplace for your business and employees.

Drug Screening and Drug Testing for Individuals

The use of opioids and other recreational drugs in the United States has reached staggering proportions.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the rate of overdose deaths from opioids has more than quadrupled since 1999.  With the increase in substances abuse, we all must work together to fight back against this deadly and growing problem.

Has your family member suffered from substance abuse in the past or still current?  Mednovations LLC gladly offers drug screening for family members or loved ones who are recovering from substance abuse.  Whether you need a drug screening for personal reasons or legal purposes, such as probation or other court order testing Mednovations can assist you! We can even help pain clinics with all their drug testing needs.

There are many reasons a drug screening or drug test may need to be completed.  Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, household employee (such as a nanny or housekeeper), an individual on probation, someone who is required by court order or an individual looking to volunteer at an organization–we can help!  Mednovations drug screening and drug testing services are available by walk-in, appointment or by mobile testing.

The drug screening and DNA testing services you need. The customer service you deserve. Contact Mednovations LLC today for your free consultation, to schedule an appointment or to discuss our full list of available services!