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Drug Testing and Drug Screening

Mednovations offers many types of drug testing and screening services.  Our certified U.S. Department of Transportation drug testing will be completed by a DOT-certified technician.  Other drug testing and screening services include the ten-panel instant drug test, hair or saliva drug testing and our urine or evidential breathalyzer alcohol testing. Read more about drug testing and screening.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing and Screening

As a business owner, drug testing and screening prior to employment can be a helpful tool to ensure potential employees are a correct fit.  Employees working under the influence risk, causing harm to themselves and others leaving your company responsible. Help prevent unnecessary accidents or decreased productivity in the workplace by conducting pre-employment drug testing and screening today.

Steroid Testing

Steroid usage commonly impacts athletes and bodybuilders. However, individuals in physically demanding occupations such as bodyguards, construction, and police officers can also be at risk. Steroids can give an advantage and improve physical strength but generally, are deemed unfair and have many health risks. Discourage steroid use in your workplace with a simple urine test. Read more about steroid testing.

DNA Testing and DNA Diagnostics

Our DNA testing and DNA diagnostics services can be completed for a number of reasons. Whether you are in need of paternity testing, immigrating testing or ancestry testing our DNA diagnostic services can assist you in uncovering the answers you need and deserve. Read more about DNA Testing and DNA Diagnostics.

Ancestry DNA Test

Each individual’s DNA is comprised of all their ancestors.  Ancestry DNA testing can examine an individual’s unique genetic code for information about the origin of their family.  Whether you have a partial family history or were adopted, ancestry DNA testing can identify genetic traits helping you identify your family heritage.

Immigration DNA Test

Immigration DNA testing is used by the US Embassy, Department of Homeland Security and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Immigration DNA testing can determine paternity, maternity or other family relation when an individual is seeking a US visa or citizenship.  Expedite the immigration application process with an immigration DNA test today.

Infidelity DNA Test

Statically unfaithful partners are far too common and can leave you with many unanswered questions.  If you suspect the worst of your partner, use our infidelity DNA testing services to be certain. Our infidelity DNA testing includes DNA comparison and semen testing which will detect specific proteins only found in semen.

DOT Drug Testing

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all commercial license holders including truck, bus, and heavy equipment drivers to be drug tested.  DOT drug testing can be completed before employment, after an accident or randomly.  Use one of our DOT certified technicians to complete your DOT drug testing requirements today.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Mandatory alcohol testing is required by the United States Department of Transportation for some occupations. Breath alcohol testing is used to measure how much alcohol is currently in the blood. At Mednovations we only use DOT-approved evidential breathalyzers for alcohol testing. Evidential breathalyzers are the most accurate and reliable breath alcohol test available.

Instant Drug Test

When time is crucial use Mednovations instant drug testing option.  Our instant drug testing services provide fast and reliable results moments after collection.  Although the Department of Transportation cannot use the instant drug test option, many other employers find the instant drug test beneficial when time is of the essence.

Legal Paternity DNA Test

Questions regarding paternity are very common.  If you require paternity DNA testing to establish legal benefits such as child support, social security, or inheritance our paternity DNA testing can help.  Furthermore, paternity DNA test can be crucial when a child requires an accurate medical history due to illness.  Remove all doubt with our paternity DNA test.

Home Blood Draw and Testing

Many elderly or disabled patients find it difficult to travel to laboratories or physician’s offices to have their blood or urine tests completed. With Mednovations unique home blood test services, homebound patients will be able to utilize a traveling phlebotomist that will complete their home blood draw and transport it to the appropriate laboratory for testing. Read more about home blood draw and testing.