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Convenience and fast turnaround times are extremely important when performing or taking a drug test. Mednovations instant drug test option provides fast and reliable results just moments after collection.

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How Do Instant Drug Test Work?

The most common method for instant drug testing is a urine cup. In order to take the instant drug test, a sample of urine is collected, and the urine cup is then sealed. Results can be read in as little as five minutes. As required by the FDA, all positive initial instant drug tests must be confirmed with additional laboratory testing which typically requires an additional two to three days for processing.

Instant Drug Testing Timeframe

With Mednovations instant drug testing service, drugs can be detected if used within the past three to ten days depending on the specific drug.  However, with habitual drug users, drug metabolites tend to stay in the system longer making the detection timeframe greater.

Is the Instant Drug Test Option Right For You?

When considering if Mednovations instant drug testing service is right for you, please review your companies drug testing policy and state laws. Many employers may find the instant drug test beneficial for their company when the time is of the essence. However, specific companies, such as the Department of Transportation cannot use the instant drug test option due to their rules and regulations.  Additionally, individual states may require licensure, registration or may limit the instant drug tests uses. When choosing between the instant drug testing option or the standard laboratory option consideration must be given to the type of work being done and the reason for drug testing.  In other instances, a more comprehensive drug test may need to be performed.

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