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Your DNA is a genetic fingerprint completely unique to you. When you suspect the worst of your partner, Mednovations can assist with an infidelity DNA test. Our dedicated team can provide confidential assistance and advise you on how to collect a relevant DNA sample. Our infidelity DNA test is based on scientific technology that can identify and extract DNA samples from articles of clothing and other personal items.

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Infidelity DNA Test Services include:

  • Semen testing — detects protein only found in semen
  • DNA comparison — compares DNA on clothing or other items with a known individual’s DNA sample

Affairs can happen to both men and women at some point in their marriage or relationship. If you suspect your partner has been unfaithful, an infidelity DNA test can typically provide more evidence to help to determine if your spouse or partner has cheated on you.  With Mednovations infidelity DNA testing services we can extract and compare DNA from clothing, sheets or condoms.  Once a DNA sample has been provided, Mednovations DNA testing can run a DNA comparative analyses to identify the DNA source.

For optimal sample testing:

  • Do not store DNA sample in a plastic bag
  • Allow any stained clothing to dry naturally

Our infidelity DNA test is accurate, reliable, and completely confidential.  It is essential to understand that not all samples may be appropriate for laboratory analysis.

Factors that can affect and degrade the DNA samples include:

  • Time
  • External Conditions (excessive heat or humidity)

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