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A person’s DNA is comprised of all their ancestors. With modern technology, it is easier than ever to obtain information regarding your family history. Mednovations’ ancestry DNA testing can provide information about an individual’s origin and geographical family past by testing and examining their unique genetic code.

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Mednovations ancestry DNA testing can assist individuals regardless of how much or how little family information they may have.  Whether the individual has a partial family history or was adopted, our DNA testing can identify genetic traits helping them identify their family heritage.

What Exactly is DNA?

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a two-stranded molecule that contains precise and individualized information about your genetics.  Your individual genetic code is made up of 3,000,000,000 base pairs packed into 23 chromosomes. These 23 chromosomes are made up of building blocks known as, adeninecytosineguanine, and thymine. The order of these four building blocks is what makes up your unique genome.

No two individuals will ever share the same exact DNA unless they are identical twins. However, family members will share small portions of the same DNA which allows for ancestry DNA testing to be effective.

Learn About Your Family History with Ancestry DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing can help identify families who share parts of the same genetic code.  When comparing DNA from two separate individuals, you can tell whether they are related or not.  Do you have unknown siblings? Half-siblings?  Were you adopted?  Do you know your parents?  Where did you family originate from?  With Mednovations ancestry DNA testing these types of questions can be answered merely by testing your unique DNA.

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