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Personalized drug and DNA testing with service that goes above and beyond.

Mednovations delivers the precise results you expect, combined with the personal attention that you may not expect. We’re committed to creating an excellent experience for each of our clients, and we go the extra mile to make sure you have what you need. We’re your boutique drug testing lab. The big lab companies can’t say that.

Here are just a few reasons employers and individuals choose Mednovations:

  1. Accuracy – first and foremost, the test results should be reliable. Our certified team members have significant experience with drug and DNA testing of all kinds.
  2. Simplicity – you have enough to do with your busy lifestyle. The last thing you need is more hassle. We make it easy to get your test done, so you can get out of the waiting room, get the answers you need, and get on with your life. Can’t come to us? For our contracted business partners, we provide custom onsite service. We know that your employees have a job to do, so if you have ten or more employees who need consecutive drug testing, just let us know, and we’ll bring our mobile lab to you!
  3. Value – yes, our services are priced at – or below – those of the big-box labs. But getting great value means more than price. We offer customized testing options, innovative technologies, quick turnaround times, and knowledgeable staff. We truly go the extra mile for our clients.
  4. Service – what truly sets us apart is our commitment to delivering excellent customer service along with your test results. We’re the drug testing and DNA testing experts, and we’ll make sure you get the information you need.
  5. Confidentiality – we understand that every single test you do is private and confidential. We follow HIPAA recommendations to ensure that each client’s personal information is protected.
  6. One-stop shopping for business hiring — what do you get when you combine a full range of drug testing options with available background screening services? Your source for smart hiring decisions. Consistent financial growth and daily workplace productivity begin with a drug-free environment. Let Mednovations take the hassle out of the hiring process and make workplace drug testing and background screening easy.

Compassionate medical care when you need it the most:

  1. Convenience – Our clinicians provide clinic exams in the comfort of the patient’s home.
  2. Seamless Care Co-ordination -Our clinicians collaborate with healthcare vendors, specialists and primary care physicians to ensure there are no gaps in care.
  3. Empathy – Our clinicians are empathetic. We listen to our patients and care about what our patients have to say.

Contact our office to learn more or email us at mydoctor@mymednovations.com

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