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marijuana breathalyzer and drug testing

In a study regarding illicit drugs and driving, over 50% of drug users admitted to driving while high. Driving while under the influence of marijuana can have many negative consequences and potentially lead to death.  Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary active ingredient in marijuana, can affect body movements,  judgment, memory, balance, and coordination—all which are needed to drive safely. A driver’s vision and coordination required full attention.  However, when a drug user is high, their perception of speed and time, attentiveness, ability to react, and even the ability to problem solve is all negatively impacted.

With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana increasing, law enforcement officers throughout the country are concerned about drivers driving under the influence of marijuana. In the past, officers have had to rely on detection methods such as observation, this includes the smell of marijuana, difficulty following instructions and performing simple coordination tests, and blood or urine test, but there is hope that this will soon be changing.

Marijuana Breathalyzer

Marijuana breathalyzers are extremely more sensitive than the current alcohol breathalyzers. With the marijuana breathalyzer, officers will be able to detect THC on the breath of potential drugged drivers directly at the scene.  The driver will blow into a small tube on the marijuana breathalyzer for 30 seconds.  Within four minutes, officers will have access to the breathalyzer results. Ultimately, holding drivers liable and making the roadways safer.  Using saliva or urine to test for THC can take an extended period of time and requires a lab for analysis.  However, with the marijuana breathalyzer, law enforcement officers will be able to quickly determine if the driver has used marijuana within two or three hours prior to testing.

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The creation of the marijuana breathalyzer will ensure quick results when needed immediately.  However, for reliable and precise drug testing results you can count on Mednovations.  Our lab offers a urine panel drug test that can detect marijuana in the system as well as other drugs.  Our instant drug testing services offer accurate results with quick turnaround times. Contact Mednovations today for more information or to schedule an appointment.